Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate 2022

Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate Download, Registration Link And Step By Step Guide Here

How to get certificate Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate?

Step By Step Guide To Download Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate

1. Open the official portal for the Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign at harghartiranga.com 2. On the Home page, tap on the option of Pin a Flag.

3. Allow the location services permissions to the website. 4. The registration form will open up.

5. Enter the name of the citizen and the mobile number. 6. Upload a profile picture of the citizen.

7. Tap on the option of Next. 8. Adjust the precise location on the map of the area. 9. The Flag will be pinned on the map and it will be acknowledged.

The Ministry of Culture issues a certificate instantly to the citizens who pin a flag using the har ghar tiranga portal. They do so in order to acknowledge the patriotism of the citizens. The citizens can download the certificate document in png format as soon as they register themselves online.

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