Airtel 5G service to be launched in August: Know pricing, installation process and more here

Telecom operator Airtel’s 5G  service is going to be launched this month itself. The company had given  information about this some time ago. The company had said that 5G  service will be launched in August. With this you can enjoy 5G service  on your 5G smartphone.

If this happens, then users can  enjoy Airtel’s 5G service from this month. Airtel has spent around Rs  43,000 crore for 5G spectrum. Airtel has not given information about the  5G service launch date. But, the company’s CEO Gopal Vittal had earlier  said that 5G service will be launched in the month of August itself.

Airtel’s 5G service launch this  month does not mean that 5G service will be available across the  country. Earlier it was offered only in metro cities. This service can  be found where the 5G pilot test has been successful. Airtel’s 5G  service will be available in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities by the end of this  year. Airtel’s 5G service across India may have to wait till March  2024.

The most recent source claims that  Delhi, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Gurugram, Hyderabad,  Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune will be  the first cities to provide Airtel 5G connectivity. In other words, it  will debut in the first 13 cities. It will thereafter be made available  in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

Regarding the cost of Airtel 5G, no  official information has been provided. However, if the story is  accurate, its cost may exceed that of 4G. In India, the cost of its  plans can begin at 500 rupees. Let us inform you that Airtel 4G plans  start at about Rs 300.