SHOCKING! Doctors Find 62 Steel Spoons in Man’s Stomach, Know All Story

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‘Been eating them for a year’: Doctors find 62 steel spoons in UP man’s stomach
In a strange incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, reveals man who has been eating up steel spoons for past a year.

In an unusual event, a man’s stomach in the Uttar Pradesh area of Muzaffarnagar was allegedly found to contain up to 62 steel spoons. The local media reported that a 32-year-old man called Vijay from the village of Bopada was brought to a hospital in Muzaffarnagar after suffering excruciating stomach ache.

The doctors were surprised to discover steel spoons in his stomach when they checked him. 62 steel spoons were taken from Vijay’s stomach during an operation, which was announced to his family by the doctors immidiately. According to Dr. Rakesh Khurrana, the man revealed that he had been consuming spoons for a year.

62 spoons were removed from the stomach of 32-year-old patient Vijay in Muzaffarnagar, according to Dr. Rakesh Khurrana, who spoke to media. “We asked him if he ate those spoons & he agreed. Operation lasted for around 2 hours, he is currently in ICU. Patient has been eating spoons for 1 year,” doctor told.

Vijay complained of being weak and couldn’t eat or drink when he was admitted. To find the source of the pain, doctors performed CT scans and X-rays, and they discovered something metallic in his stomach. According to Dr. Khurrana, the man broke the spoon top off before eating them.

However, experts were unable to pinpoint exactly when Kumar had ingested these spoon handles. As per media reports, the man was sent to a de-addiction centre a year ago because to his drug use, and according to his nephew Ajay Chaudhary, he was pushed to “eat” the spoons. However, no formal complaints have yet been made.

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