PM YASASVI Scholarship Scheme 2023- Get Upto Rs 1,25,000, Check Complete Details

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The PM YASASVI Scholarship Scheme 2023 is a commendable initiative introduced by the government to extend financial support to meritorious students hailing from economically weaker backgrounds. This prestigious scholarship program aims to encourage and empower the youth of India to pursue higher education without the burden of financial constraints.

The scheme offers financial support to students who have secured admission to recognized undergraduate courses, with varying scholarship amounts for candidates studying in Class 9 and Class 11. To be eligible, applicants must meet specific criteria related to academic excellence, family income, reservation categories, and age limits.

The application process is conducted online and involves checking eligibility, completing the application form with accurate details, and submitting necessary documents for verification. The examination for the scholarship is computer-based and consists of objective-type multiple choice questions in English and Hindi mediums.

Selected candidates receive financial aid that helps alleviate the burden of educational expenses, empowering them to pursue higher education and realize their potential. The scholarship also recognizes and rewards academic excellence, motivating students to excel in their studies.

PM YASASVI Scholarship Scheme 2023 benefits

Financial Assistance: The scholarship provides substantial financial aid, with up to INR 75,000 per year for candidates studying in Class 9 and INR 1,25,000 per year for candidates studying in Class 11.

PM YASASVI Scholarship Scheme 2023, Eligibility Criteria

Academic Excellence: Candidates must have a consistent academic record with a minimum percentage requirement. The exact percentage criteria may vary based on the category and course they are applying for.

Family Income Limit: The applicant’s family income should fall within the prescribed limit, ensuring that the scholarship reaches those who truly need financial assistance. The specific income limit may be defined by the scholarship program.

Reservation Categories: The scheme caters to students from reserved categories, and specific quotas are allocated accordingly. Eligible candidates from reserved categories can apply for the scholarship.

Age Limit: There is an age limit for applicants, and only candidates within the specified age range can apply. The age limit may vary depending on the level of education and course being pursued.

PM YASASVI Scholarship Scheme. Here’s a step-by-step guide for application process:

1. **Check Eligibility:** Before applying, ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria laid down by the scholarship scheme. This includes checking your academic record, family income, reservation category, and age limit.

2. **Visit Official Website:** Go to the official scholarship website where the application process is conducted. The website address will be provided by the scholarship authorities.

3. **Complete Online Application Form:** Fill out the online application form with accurate details. Provide all the required information, including personal details, academic qualifications, family income, and other relevant information.

4. **Upload Documents:** Upload all the necessary documents for verification purposes. These documents may include academic certificates, income proof, and identity documents. Make sure to follow the specified format and size requirements for each document.

5. **Review and Submit:** Double-check all the provided information to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once you are satisfied, submit the application form online.

6. **Note Application ID:** After successful submission, note down the application ID provided by the system for future reference. This ID will be useful for tracking the status of your application.

7. **Wait for Evaluation:** After submitting the application, the scholarship committee will evaluate all the applications received. The evaluation process may take some time as they carefully review each candidate’s eligibility and documents.

8. **Announcement of Selected Candidates:** Once the evaluation process is completed, the list of selected candidates will be announced on the official website or through other communication channels as specified by the scholarship authorities.

9. **Claim Scholarship:** If your name is on the list of selected candidates, follow the instructions provided to claim the scholarship. This may involve further verification and documentation as per the scholarship guidelines.

PM YASASVI Scholarship Scheme Important Dates

Last Date to Apply 10 August 2023 (up to 11:50 PM)

Date for Correction in Application Form
12 August 2023 to 16 August 2023

Date of the Entrance Test 29 September 2023 (Friday)

Direct Link to Apply: Click Here

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