NSP Scholarship 2023 Important Update, Govt Issues Notification for Beneficiaries

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The Government aims to disburse scholarships under scholarship schemes to the Ministry of Minority Affairs. To ensure transparency and authenticity, a physical verification of institutes and beneficiaries for the academic year 2022-23 was conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). Discrepancies in the authenticity of institutes and beneficiaries were identified.

To rectify this, the Government has decided to re-validate the applications and verification of SNO (State Nodal Officer), DNO (District Nodal Officer), INO (Institute Nodal Officer), HoI (Head of Institute), and applicants. They will conduct a special drive through Aadhar-based bio-metric authentication. This will help ensure accurate and timely disbursement of the scholarship amount.

Applicants are advised to ensure that their Aadhaar number is linked to their bank account, as the scholarship payments will be made through the Aadhaar Based Payment System exclusively.

NSP Scholarship re-validate

In order to disburse the scholarship under scholarship schemes to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the Government after considering the findings of the physical verification of Institutes/ beneficiaries for academic year 2022-23, carried out by National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) wherein various discrepancies in authenticity of institutes/ beneficiaries have been noticed, decided to re-validate the applications and verification of SNO/DNO/INO/HoI/applicants by organizing special drive through Aadhar based bio-metric authentication. In interest of prompt disbursement of Scholarship amount, applicants are suggested to make sure that the Aadhaar number provided is seeded with the Bank Account as the payment of Scholarships will be made through Aadhaar Based Payment System, only.

All concerned (SNO, DNO, HoI, INO and applicants) are therefore requested to observe the guidelines/instructions posted on NSP portal and ensure the updation of their Aadhaar in NSP portal before 10.08.2023 to facilitate smooth Aadhaar based authentication. In case the applicant is below 18 years of age, Aadhaar details of his/her parents/legal guardian is to be updated.

Here it is clarified that selection of beneficiaries for above scheme is
subject to fulfillment of the scheme guidelines criteria.

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