New Qualification For Sarpanch In Jammu & Kashmir Announced, Check Other Eligibilities Here

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New Qualification For Sarpanch In J&K

In this regard, your kind attention is invited towards the Section 6 of the J&K
Panchayati Raj Act, 1989 under Section 6 u 2022 which provides that:

i) Any person(s) who wishes to file his/her nomination paper for Panch or Sarpanch of
a Panchayat Halqa, should meet the below mentioned requirements:

1. He/she should be a pemanent resident of the Jammu & Kashmir.

2. His/her name should be entered in the Panchayat Electoral Roll of such
Panchayat Halqa.

3 He/she should be of the age of twenty-five years or above.

*4.He/she should be 12th Passed or above.*

5.He/she should not be of un-sound mind, and stand so declared by a competent

6. He/she should have not been adjudged insolvent by a competent court.

7. He/she should not be a salaried servant of a Govemment or a local body or a
Halqa Panchayat.

8. He/she should have not been dismissed from the Government Service or a local body.

9.He/she should not be a Lambardar or Village Chowkidar.

10.He/she should not have been convicted of and sentenced for an offence
punishable with imprisonment for not less than two years, unless a period of
three years, or such less period as the Govenment may allow in any particular
case, has elapsed since his release.

11. He/she should fill a proforma for furnishing information under section 60 of
Panchayati Raj Act, 1989 as Appendix-M5.

12. He/she should fill the nomination fom accompanied with an affidavit as

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