LPG Cylinder Price: Good News! LPG Prices Reduced By Rs 115, Check Prices in Your City

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LPG Price: Today is the first day of November, which officially began today. On November 1st, the general public can breathe a sigh of relief regarding inflation. LPG cylinder costs have been significantly reduced by gas companies (IOCL) since Chhath and the day after Diwali.

The cost of an LPG gas cylinder has been reduced by Rs 115 by gas companies. This reduction has been applied to the cost of commercial LPG cylinders, nevertheless. It’s important to note that since July 6, domestic cylinder prices have not changed.

After this reduction, a 19 kg commercial cylinder of indane will cost Rs 115.5 less in Delhi than it would in Mumbai, Rs 113 less in Kolkata, and Rs 116.5 less in Chennai. This cylinder’s cost was reduced earlier on October 1, 2022, by Rs 25. Domestic LPG cylinders weighing 14.2 kg are now still offered at the previous prices.

Price of a commercial LPG cylinder in the nation’s big cities

Delhi: Instead of costing Rs. 1859.5, commercial cylinders are now available for Rs.1744.

Mumbai: Instead of costing Rs. 1844, commercial cylinders are now available for Rs. 1696.

In Kolkata: a commercial cylinder will cost Rs. 1846. It was previously offered for Rs 1995.50.

Chennai: The cost of a commercial cylinder is Rs. 1893. Earlier, 2009.50 could be purchased for Rs.

On the first of every month, the gas firms in the nation set the price for gas cylinders.

Most hotels, grocery stores, and other establishments use commercial commercial LPG gas.

They will feel a lot better as a result of the price drop.

The price of commercial gas has decreased for six months running.

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