Liver Disease: Know Signs and Symptoms of Dying Liver

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The human liver is an amazing organ as it contributes significantly to your overall health. The liver performs a number of functions, including producing bile, converting nutrients from your diet, eliminating toxins from your blood, breaking down fats, alcohol, and drugs, regulating blood sugar and hormone levels, and storing iron, among others.

Liver disease: Warning signs of dying liver

Nausea or Vomiting- Human liver can eliminate toxic substances. Because of this, frequent nausea and vomiting are warning signs of liver disease and should not be ignored.

Dark-colored urine- Your urine’s color talks a lot about your health. Dark-colored urine indicates dehydration and can also mean the presence of harmful substances in the body.

Jaundice: One of the basic signs of liver disease is Jaundice. Jaundice means yellowing of eyes and urine. It occurs as a result of the liver cells being destroyed, which increases the amount of bilirubin released into the blood and elevates it as indicated by certain blood tests.

Itchy skin- High level of bile salt can cause itching in the skin which can be an early sign of liver disease.

Fatigue- Unnecessary tiredness is one of the most common and early signs of liver failure. Sometimes, there are other reasons as well but if this condition stays longer then consult a doctor.

Blood in vomiting- Chronic liver disease symptoms are a surefire indicator of deteriorating liver health. If you’re going through any of these symptoms, you need to see a doctor right away.

Since some liver conditions can progress without symptoms, having annual physicals in addition to the usual physical blood testing might help you and your doctor remain ahead of the game. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices including reducing alcohol use can also help with prevention or management.

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