Kashmir University: Guess Paper for BG 1st Semester of English Language Paper

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Guess for 1st Sem. English Language BG Kashmir University

Credits: 3 Max. Marks: 75, Pass Marks: 30, Time: 02:00 hour

Imp Note: You have to attempt all 8-Qestios from Sec-A-Short (20 Words of 1.5 Marks each), Sec-B Medium 4-

Questions with Internal Choice (150 Words of 7.5marks each) & from Sec-C Long 2 out of four (400 Words of

16.5 Marks each)

Sec-A-Short (20 Words of 1.5 Marks each)(8X1.5=12)

1. How does the poet come to a decision as to which road to take?
2. What does taking the road not taken symbolises?
3. What do the peasants try to do once they came into the home?
4. What drove the scorpion to hide under sack of rice?
5. What does the child’s mother point out to distract him?
6. Why does the child eventually stop asking for the things he desires?
7. What was the dog’s reaction to the trio running away?
8. What happened when Tommy went into the bar?
9. Homonyms, Homographs, Homophones & Commonly Misspelt words.

Sec-B Medium (150 Words of 7.5marks each) (4X7.5=30)

1. What do the two roads symbolise? Based on your interpretation, why does the traveler chose the road not taken?
2. According to you, what does the speaker mean by the last line of the poem?
3. Bring out the Indianness of the poem by referring to particular words and images used by the poet.
4. How does the poet transform the ordinary event of a woman being stung by a scorpion into a subject for poetry? Consider the role of the peasants in the
light of this.
5. What things does the child desire in the fair?
6. Why does the lost child lose interest in the things he wanted earlier?
7. Describe the trio’s dog.
8. How did the bomb’s explosion affect the animals in the story?
9. Write a paragraph of about 150 to 250 words.
10.Write one-word substitutes.

Sec-C Long (400 Words of 16.5 Marks each) (2X16.5=33)

1. How vital a role does nature play in the poem? Does Frost use nature to add
to the conflict the traveller faces?

2. Superstition acts as the base of the experience described in “The Night of the
Scorpion: Examine this attitude against the rationality of the father in the poem.
3. How does Mulk Raj Anand bring out the rural flavor through this story?
4. What kind of comedy is employed in the story? Explain your reasons for your choice.
5. Read the paragraph and answer the questions that follow.
6. Write an essay of about 450 words.

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