Heart Attack Symptoms and Signs: Causes, Reasons of Heart Attack; Ways to Avoid Heart attack

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Symptoms of Heart Attack: Due to a bad lifestyle, nowadays the cases of heart attack are increasing rapidly even at a young age. Somewhere heart attack is coming while dancing and somewhere heart attack happening while working. All men and women from 18 years to 100 years are struggling with this deception of the heart these days. It is not that heart attack comes suddenly. Before a heart attack, the body starts giving you signs (Heart Attack Symptoms) in many ways. You should not ignore these signs even by mistake, otherwise, you may die. Today we tell you about similar characters before a heart attack.

Signs of Heart Attack

According to medical experts, when someone’s heart starts getting weak gradually, then his body starts indicating it in many ways. These include difficulty in breathing, feeling restless, pain from back to neck, nausea, swelling of feet and ankles, dizziness, or fluttering in the chest. If the body is repeatedly giving you any of these symptoms, then you should be immediately alerted and get your checkup done by meeting a good heart specialist.

Ways to avoid a heart attack

Doctors say that someone gets a heart attack only when his heart weakens. In such a situation, if you want to avoid this deadly disease, then it becomes essential to keep your heart strong and healthy. For this, you have to follow some medical tips. These include avoiding smoking and alcohol, keeping blood sugar and cholesterol under control, getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, and exercising regularly.

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