Guess Paper For Class 11th Political Science, Check Important Questions Here

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Guess Paper 11th A for Political Science

1. Constitton and Importance cum nature
2. Sources of Constitution
3. What are Fundamental Rights and their Nature?
4. DPSP and Fundamental Rights Differences
5. Discuss Direct election method or FPTP
6. Election Commission and Role in electoral reforms
7. What is Parliamentary system n Nature of Parliamentary system
8. Powers of President/Governor n PM
9. Powers of Lok sabha and Rajya sabha
10. How is Money bill passed
11. Powers of SC or HC
12. Independence of Judiciary
13. Federal features of Indian constitution
14. Define Decentralisation and features of 73rd 74th amendment
15. Core provisions of constitution
16. What are important changes in Constitution since independence

Paper B

17. What is nature/relevance of Political Theory
18. What is Liberty/freedom and reasonable restrictions on it
19. Major forms of inequality and how it can be realised
20. What is Justice and it’s various forms
21. Rights and it’s types
22. What is citizenship and conditions to become Indian Citizen
23. What is Right to self determination

24. What is Secularism and secular provisions in Indian Constitution
25. What is Peace, global peace and Non Violence
26. What are necessary conditons for Sustainable Development

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