Good News For Unemployees: Jammu and Kashmir Govt Discovers 25,000 Job Vacancies Across Multiple Departments!

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Identifying Vacancies in Government Departments in Jammu and Kashmir

Many top officials in the Jammu and Kashmir government have failed to address the issue of vacancies in various departments. This has led to an increase in the number of employees being burdened with additional charges. However, the government has recently taken steps to identify and fill vacancies in different departments.

Identification of Vacancies

The government has identified around 25,000 vacancies in various departments, including Gazetted, non-Gazetted, and Class-IV posts. The process of identifying vacancies is ongoing in some departments, and the number of vacancies may increase slightly.

Referral of Posts to Public Service Commission and Services Selection Board

After clearance by the government, the identified posts will be referred to the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board and Public Service Commission. This will ensure that all vacancies arising in the departments are referred by March 31.

Annual Calendar for Referral of Vacancies

The government has issued an order directing all departments to undertake the exercise of identifying vacancies immediately to meet the timelines and guidelines/regulations. The annual calendar will ensure that vacancies that accrue in the calendar year are referred to the appropriate selection board immediately after the start of the calendar year. This will help to streamline the recruitment process and ensure timely filling of vacancies in government departments.

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