Good News for Senior Citizens: Now Download Pension Certificate via DigiLocker, Here is step-by-step guide

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These days, it’s imperative to keep crucial documents close to hand. Keeping all relevant documents, such as exam results, licences, and other paperwork, in one place is always simple, and it is even better if they are only a click away. As the world continues to become more digital, keeping papers and documents in a digital locker makes them accessible from anywhere in the world. Then, one does not have to lug about all the documentation. A few years back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced DigiLocker in an effort to advance India’s digital transformation. DigiLocker can store a variety of papers, including licences, marksheets, ration cards, and Aadhar. In order to help senior residents, the app has now expanded its services and added a tool to obtain a pension certificate.

As part of a huge effort to help the elderly, the Bank of Maharashtra will provide pension certificates to them. Therefore, the following are the steps to follow if you wish to obtain your pension certificate using DigiLocker:

How to get a DigiLocker pension certificate, step-by-step guide:

Step: 1. To begin, log in to your account online or launch the DigiLocker app on your smartphone.

Step: 2. To sign in, you will need to enter your Aadhaar number or registered phone number as well as a 6-digit security pin. An OTP will be sent to you so you may access your DigiLocker.

Step: 3. After successfully logging in, search for “Bank of Maharashtra Pension Certifications.” Alternatively, you can look for “Search Documents” in the menu that is located on the website’s left side.

Step: 4. If you type “pension document,” a variety of results will appear. Select “Bank of Maharashtra” at this time.

Step: 5. Next, a little form with space for the pensioner’s date of birth and PPO number will be presented to you.

Step: 6. Next, select “Give consent to DigiLocker to share my details with the Issuers for the purpose of obtaining my papers” by tapping on the checkbox next to the PPO number row. Click “Get Document” to obtain the Pension Certificate once it has been created.

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