BIG Good News For J&K Youth, Jobs Recruitment Drive To Begin From This Date: Govt

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Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, announced that a recruitment drive in Jammu & Kashmir will begin in September, with a strong emphasis on transparency and fairness. He expressed confidence that there are currently no chances of corruption in the region, attributing this to the enhancement of online services by the administration from 35 in 2019 to an impressive 675 at present. The increase in digital services has streamlined processes and reduced opportunities for malpractices.

Dr Mehta assured the people that the recruitment process, which was temporarily stopped, will be resumed soon, and fair appointments will be ensured. He encouraged the youth to prepare themselves for the upcoming examinations as opportunities will be provided through a transparent and unbiased selection process.

During the event celebrating ‘Corruption Free J&K Day’, Dr Mehta reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to provide self-employment opportunities to the people without any influence of recommendations. He mentioned that over 2.27 lakh individuals have already been empowered with self-employment in J&K. The administration aims to continue supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers alike, fostering an environment of equal opportunities.

The Chief Secretary highlighted the remarkable progress made by J&K in terms of project completion, with over 925,000 works accomplished in the previous financial year, as compared to around 9,000 in the past. All the E-Compendiums of these projects are made public, ensuring transparency and accountability.

In a bid to eradicate favoritism and nepotism, Dr Mehta reiterated that no jobs in J&K will be granted based on recommendations. Instead, every individual will be evaluated fairly and given equal opportunities to secure employment through a transparent process.

He expressed pride in the fact that 29,000 people have already been appointed through a transparent selection process, further reinforcing the administration’s commitment to merit-based recruitment. This has contributed to building trust among the people and fostering a sense of transparency in the government’s functioning.

With the significant increase in online services and the adoption of a transparent and efficient governance approach, the Chief Secretary believes that the system in J&K has improved remarkably since 2019. The administration’s efforts to digitalize services and make them more accessible have been well-received by the public.

Dr Arun Kumar Mehta’s announcement of the recruitment drive in September, coupled with the focus on transparency and fairness, reflects the administration’s commitment to promoting merit-based opportunities and fostering a corruption-free environment. The remarkable progress in digital services and project completion further demonstrates the administration’s determination to bring positive change to J&K. As the region moves forward, it aims to build a more inclusive and equitable society, where opportunities are accessible to all based on merit and hard work.

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