Air India Massive Recruitment for Cabin Crew and Pilots, Key Details Inside

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Air India, the airline owned by Tata Group, has announced a plan to recruit a significant number of pilots and cabin crew in 2023. The recruitment drive is aimed at supporting the airline’s expanding fleet and operations.

Plans to Hire 4200 Cabin Crew and 900 Pilots

Air India is set to hire 4,200 trainee cabin crew members and 900 pilots this year. The recruitment drive follows the airline’s recent order for 470 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, including 70 large aircraft.

Recruitment to Support Rapid Expansion

The recruitment drive is in response to the rapid expansion of Air India’s domestic and international operations. The airline has already hired more than 1,900 crew members since May 2022, and plans to take on an additional 36 aircraft on lease.

Training and Flight Readiness

Air India has been actively training its new crew members, with around 1,100 trained between July 2022 and January 2023, and 500 made flight-ready in the past three months alone.

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