Air India Flight Disrupted as Passenger Smokes and Attempts to Open Door

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On Saturday, an Air India flight from London to Mumbai experienced a mid-air disruption when a passenger was caught smoking in the bathroom and misbehaving with fellow co-passengers. The accused, identified as Ramakant, is a 37-year-old American national of Indian origin. According to reports, he attempted to open the aircraft door, endangering the lives of all onboard. The crew eventually restrained him and tied his hands and legs.

After being caught smoking, Ramakant reportedly started shouting and refused to follow the crew’s instructions. “But after some time, he tried to open the door of the aircraft. All the passengers got scared because of his behavior… He was not ready to listen to us. Then we tied his hands and legs and made him sit on the seat,” a crew member said.

A complaint has been filed against Ramakant at Mumbai’s Sahar Police Station for smoking on the flight. His blood samples have also reportedly been sent for examination to determine whether he was in an intoxicated condition or mentally unstable.

Ramakant has been charged under various sections of the Aircraft Act and the Indian Penal Code. These include Section 22 (refusing to follow a lawful instruction by the pilot-in-command), Section 23 (jeopardizing good order and discipline or assault and other acts endangering safety), and Section 25 (smoking) of the Aircraft Act, as well as Section 336 (doing any act so rashly or negligently as to endanger someone’s life or the personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code.

This incident is not the first mid-air disruption on an Air India flight. Such incidents have become increasingly common, leading to concerns about the safety of passengers and crew. Air India and other airlines have implemented stricter rules and regulations to prevent such disruptions, but more needs to be done to ensure the safety and security of everyone onboard.

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